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Dosage advice for butea superba extract powder and capsules in a tongkat ali stack

Butea superba can have profound effects on a few people, and some people may even be allergic to it.

We cannot estimate how many people may be allergic. Maybe 1 person in 1 million users. Allergies can be strange. 1 in 23 million people is allergic to water, crazy as it may sound.

Herbal dietary supplements are foods. They can be consumed in generous dosages by most people (upwards of 95 percent). But apart of those who are outright allergic, some people may be overly sensitive, and some people may have an intolerance towards it. This goes for food items in general, and it also applies to butea superba extract.

Allergies are inappropriate reactions of a person's immune system. They involve the formation of antibodies that cause an overreaction to usually harmless substances.

Sensitivities and intolerances are less dramatic.

To make sure a consumer isn't allergic, we suggest that on the first day, the amount used should not be more than what one would use as a pinch of salt on a single fried egg.

For 999.990 people out if 1 million, nothing will happen. But we want you and to be careful nevertheless. The purpose of the minimal dosage is only to establish that you are not allergic to butea superba extract.

Cross allergies could exist for people who are allergic to other plant substances such as legumes, peanuts, or tree nuts.

If the pinch-of-salt quantity, taken twice in a span of four or five hours, doesn't make you uncomfortable in any way, you can use about a levelled teaspoon (not a heaped teaspoon) on the next day. If you have purchased capsules, just try one or two capsules.

The pinch-of-salt quantity was to test whether you have a classic allergy.

The second-day levelled-teaspoon or one or two capsules single dosage is to check how profoundly you react on butea superba extract.

Some people react strongly, and while this is not an allergic reaction in the classic sense, an overly pronounced reaction could cause discomfort if standard dosages are consumed.

Thus, for the second day, we just suggest a small dosage. If you feel unwanted side effects on a small dosage (such as nausea or somnolence) you should not proceed to standard dosages.

That said, most people (upwards of 98 percent) won't react on a small dosage with nausea, somnolence, or any other unwanted effects. The dosage is just too small. They also won't feel anything from other butea superba products on the market.

On the other hand, if you react profoundly on a small dosage of our extract, consider yourself lucky. Butea superba will bring about a new relationships dimension to your life.

And this is what we aim for with our butea superba extract. A game change in relationships experience.

On a standard dosage of a slightly heaped teaspoon (about 6 capsules) taken in the morning and again in the afternoon, the first symptom many people will experience is an improvement of mood, or a generally more positive outlook on one's life.

The relationships enhancements that will set in are in libido and orgasm, not so much on erectile parameters.

Butea superba, like other sexuality enhancing herbals, is a food, not a drug. For people who are not allergic and not overly sensitive, and used to the consumption of butea superba extract, the quantities that can be consumed without ill effects could be measured by tablespoons rather than teaspoons.

The classification of substances into food, supplements, and drugs anyway is an invention no older than 30 years. For millennia before that, the classification of plants was into edibles (food) and non-edibles (poisons).

And after the ingestion of some plants that were considered foods, our ancestors noticed that they could caused relationships agitation. Butea superba belongs to this rare category. It's a tuber, potentially nutritious, not a poison, and it makes eaters more interested in relationships.

The idea that some poisons can be drugs used in curing diseases is about 3000 years old. This particular perception is the foundation of medicines-based healing, which tellingly uses the Rod of Asclepius (a serpent-entwined stick) or the Staff of Caduceus (two snakes instead of one) for its professional symbolism.

Scientific research into specific health benefits of foods, including dietary supplements, is usually less conclusive than research into possible curative applications of poisons.

This has to do with typical quantities. Poisons used medically are applied in miniscule amounts, and they change physiological function on a level that applies to all human organisms, or mammalian organisms in general.

Butea superba isn't a drug. It's a functional food that impacts libido. The amounts that can be consumed by people who are neither allergic nor overly sensitive to it is measured in grams, not milligrams.

That is why we sell it in containers of a size reminiscent of amino acids or creatine sold to bodybuilders.

Most people consume dietary supplements as capsules. It's fast and convenient. Certainly, in the case of largely unneeded supplementation with vitamins and isolated minerals this is appropriate because a few capsules too many can have a detrimental, even dangerous effect on a person's health.

Butea superba as a pro-relationships functional food isn't in this category. In the case of butea superba, bottles of 60 or 100 capsules, with a dosage advice of 2 capsules a day, are gimmickry. Sure, butea superba can be consumed as capsules. And there is nothing wrong with gelatine capsules. It's the same stuff as was consumed as 100 grams of gelatine pudding in an era before the food industry discovered that they can generate more profits using chemical stabilizers in puddings, rather than gelatine.

The gimmickry is in the packaging and distribution. For noticeable libido improvement, a normal person (not allergic, not overly sensitive) may want to consume 2 to 3 grams of butea superba extract several times a day. That would mean 6 to 10 capsules up to 4 times a day. That way, a bottle with a 60 caps count won't last even just 2 days.

This is why we sell our butea superba extract capsules and loose extract powder in larger containers. The quantities are suited for power users who aim for a real effect, as well as businesses who either repackage as their own brands, or use our butea superba extract powders to produce formulas of different ingredients, one of them butea superba.

Formulas would be a form of stacking of relationships enhancement herbals, a valid strategy. We ourselves recommend stacking regimens of a variety of herbals available from tongkatali.org.

Butea superba is a functional food, not a drug or a poison. That butea superba is a food doesn't mean that one couldn't overdose on it.

While we do not know of a single case of a lethal butea superba overdose, a lethal overdose probably exists.

Lethal overdoses even exist for such mundane dietary items as water. Just 6 liters of ordinary drinking water can kill a man.

PLEASE NOTE: This product, even though it's a supplemental food, not a drug, should be avoided in neurological disorders like epilepsy or psychoses. It should also not be given to people with Alzheimer's or other dementias as it may make patients with reduced mental capabilities display socially inappropriate relationships agitation such as public masturbation. This product should also be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

What positive impact to expect: general better motivation, which typically proceeds relationships motivation, is normally one of the first effects. Better motivation is better mood. An approach like "OK, let's get it on".

If you have been sexually sluggish for some time, a restoration of libido for most people happens at a slower pace ..... unless you are one of those approximately 5 percent of users who clock a profound effect.

But even if you are a standard responder, improved relationships motivation will make you more adventurous. Go to a mall, stroll around, and imagine whom you would like to bed.

But be civilized. We do not want our product lead to people breaking up successful marriages just for relationships itches.

More physical effects are typically experienced at higher dosages.

A slight nausea can accompany the intake of higher dosages (doubled standard dosages). The nausea, however, won't usually kill libido. Rather the opposite. A typical high-dosage effect will be a prolonged plateau phase before orgasm.

But please don't use high dosages before having consumed standard dosages for at least a month.

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