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(More than 500 articles about tongkat ali and better physical relationships in general)

Buying tongkat ali? Better be careful with your health

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

Ethnobotany and Relationships Enhancement, 2019

Sumatra Pasak Bumi is a government-supervised facility, authorized to sell herbals with medical applications.

In particular, our 1:200 Indonesian tongkat ali extract has undergone a licensing process that has taken years to complete, first between 2000 and 2005, and again after 2015, when the Indonesian government implemented new, very strict regulations. See below the latest license for our 1:200 tongkat ali extract. It is issued by the Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan, the Indonesian equivalent of the American FDA. In Indonesia, this Nomor POM is colloquially still referred to by the previous of such a license, Nomor Depkes (an acronym for Departemen Kesehatan = Department of Health).

Large photo

For us, the number of tests and studies necessary to obtain a Nomor POM has run into hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

Should you care?

Yes, because this licensing process is for YOUR health and safety. We wouldn't spend hundreds of thousands of US dollars on licenses and lab testing and then sell you some junk. We sell what we have been licensed to sell. Genuine Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract.

Anybody else can easily set up a website claiming to be a tongkat ali or herbals company. They can also claim to sell 1:200 tongkat ali extract... presumably the same extract that we produce, and for which we hold a government license. However, any tongkat ali product that is branded 1:200, but not produced by us, is simply a fake. Be especially suspicious of spam that emphasizes "natural" in their naming.

Any scammer in a rented flat can claim (and they do claim) to be the world's number 1 supplier of tongkat ali... or to offer the best tongkat ali for the last decade.

I am sure, you have come across such lines.

All bullshit.

The two worst tongkat ali scammers (one is Chinese, one is Arabic Spanish) are run out of flats in Singapore. Another is Scottish. Check their contact-us pages.

Because Singapore has such a miserable reputation as the world's fake medicine hub, Singaporean scammers have set up company fronts in the USA, which is easy to do and costs almost nothing. They have also joined some herbals groupings to obtain graphics that look like seals of approval.

Do you really want to entrust your health, your safety, and your life with scammers? Then buy their wares which may be tongkat ali or not even tongkat ali at all. Even if these wares contain tonkat ali plant parts, it's never, never 1:200.

If you care for your health, and so you should, ask those who offer Indonesian tongkat ali on the web for a Nomor POM (the permit number from the Indonesian Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan... the equivalent of the US FDA). They will give you loads of excuses why they don't have on. Of course they talk a lot.

The bottom line is: if an Internet operation can't be bothered to get their product tested by government laboratories, don't put your health into their hands (or their purse).

Restricting the sexuality of women

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

It is strange that men should restrict the sexuality of women. Why should men restrict the sexuality of women? Men everywhere around the world are seekers of female sexuality. Men restricting female sexuality is like thirsty people restricting access to water, or those in danger of starvation restricting access to food.

Many women, on the other hand, profit from restrictions to female sexuality. Females in all cultures of the world traditionally are providers of sexuality. Only females in a certain age bracket, of course.

As a rule of thumb, providers of any service or product are interested to keep supply tight, as this increases the value of the service or product.

And indeed, women often can avail of astonishing prices for their relationships availability. Many women become rich by marriage, and some become even richer by divorce.

Apart from women themselves, the peddlers of religious lunacy do profit from the restriction of female sexuality. They can sell all kinds of solutions and solace to frustrated men. Solutions like a paradise full of virgins, or solace like an assurance that those who do not have relationships will at least not be roasted in hell for eternity.

There are other profiteers, like the sellers of ersatz satisfaction and sportscars, and the traditional tabloid media but if female sexuality were not restricted, they would find other tricks to cheat the world.

Foreign investment in Third World countries

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

One can't keep one's riches beyond one's death, and rich, or just well-heeled, men often are willing to spend their money in an economically unwise manner, if nevertheless, this is conducive to optimal relationships. What typically isn't reflected in official statistics is the extent to which money is allocated in a way that gives those who decide on it an excuse for being at a location where they want to be (because of the chance for optimal personal relationships).

There are two kinds of foreign investment.

The first kind is placed only under consideration of an optimal financial return. This kind of foreign investment often heavily favors the investor, and often is of little long-term advantage to the place where the investment is made. Profits and most assets are repatriated.

Such investments typically can only be obtained with wide-ranging free trade concessions. But free trade, more often than not, is a disadvantage for underdeveloped countries. Local businesses typically are not able to compete with international players with established production processes. All East Asian economies that developed from agricultural societies into industrialized ones (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China) did so by keeping foreign competitors out and by protecting local producers.

A different kind of foreign investment is done in spite of adverse conditions (no free trade, no repatriation of profits). This kind of foreign investment is only available from those who invest in a country primarily because they like to be there.

There were many American businessmen who settled in the Philippines in the 70s because the country had so much to offer in terms of personal relationships. And for the same reason, Thailand has a huge number of foreign residents.

Early after World War II, Japan was attractive for the same reason. One may read historical accounts on the lifestyle of European men in East and Southeast Asia (written not now, but during the time with which they deal). The relationships gratifications that were available were charming indeed. One could understand why a small and difficult business in Asia or Southeast Asia was so much better than a much bigger and more successful one in Europe

The key for country-committed foreign investments is that the country offers a chanced for satisfying personal relationships.

The most important aspect of a high quality of life still is, and will always be, the ease with which people can engage in personal relationships. And yes, even illicit personal relationships.

This is not a recommendation for prostitution. Prostitution is the providing of paid relationships services in an indiscriminate and highly promiscuous manner. A young woman who enters a personal relationship with a rich man whom she would happily marry is not a prostitute, even if the personal relationship is temporary, and even if she derives material benefits from it.

Physical relationships success with tongkat ali and other herbals

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

Success in personal relationships is the ultimate purpose of any man's existence.

Any competitive man wants an optimum in personal relationships, and this drive may be directed to more than one partner. But regardless of whether this is my train of thought or not, some men believe in true love and are in committed exclusive relationships.

It may not be for me. Actually, the love is. I like love, and believe in love.

But I am not sufficiently convinced that when I am in love, and believe it at that moment when I say "I love you forever", that this will in reality persist. For me, it never did, not with this intensity. Time will arrive when I will want again the sensation of saying "I love you forever".... at the beginning of a romantic affair, not after some time.

That's how it is, with my psychology, and the psychology of many men who are like me.

First of all, there must be the libido kind of desire.

Beyond midlife, this is not a given fact. I know many men beyond midlife who no longer can be bothered with relationships. The drive just isn't there.

I am also sometimes lacking drive. But there are options of biological engineering to ameliorate this condition.

A man's drive to engage in relationships depends on the amount of hormones and neurotransmitters that circulate in the brain. And chemical balances in the brain can be influenced with certain plant chemicals. That is why opium reduces pain sensation, and why marijuana makes for interesting new perceptions, and why butea superba, best combined with tongkat ali, can restore and enhance libido.

Article continues below printscreens

Tongkatali.org does not sell opium or marijuana, but Tongkatali.org does sell tongkat ali and butea superba, and a few herbal agents for better physical relationships, and the desire to engange in them.

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