Tongkatali.org's 350 grams (12.35 oz) Curcuma Longa / Piper Nigrum Extract

Price: $112 (28.36 / Ounce)

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Product description

The plant is an essential element of the traditional materia medica of practically every Asian culture, from China to the Malay countries of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines) to South Asia (India, etc) into the Middle East.

In all of these cultures, Curcuma longa is used as a spice (tumeric) and as a treatment for all kinds of inflammations, be it infections, rheumatism, or osteoarthritis.

Product information

Package dimensions: 14 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm; 405 grams

Shipping weight: 490 grams

Important information


98% Curcuma Longa and 2% Piper Nigrum Extract


The blend is a food, not a drug. But some people may be allergic to new foods. Thus, first and second day dosages should be minimal.

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