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New fermented 1:200 Tongkat Ali extract

We at Sumatra Pasak Bumi have more than 25 years of experience with Tongkat Ali. We developed the 1:200 extract, and we are the only Tongkat Ali company that also extracts leaves and bark.

Our company is managed by people with an urban background and strong links to one of the five leading universities in Indonesia, the Universitas Sumatera Utara. But our company is owned by a Batak chief. The Bataks are the largest, and most powerful, tribal group in central Sumatra where Tongkat Ali grows. Until a few decades ago, the Bataks were still headhunters, and even in the third decade of the third millennium, one still finds shrunk heads of enemies adorning the traditional homes of tribal leaders and families of warriors.

In these tribal communities and all areas around them, nothing goes without the approval of the chiefs and elders. There is virtually no Indonesian state administration, and the communities are kept safe not by the Indonesian police, but by tribal militias appointed and led by elders. As a result of this constellation, we of Sumatra Pasak Bumi are the only company with unlimited access to the mountain forests where Tongkat Ali grows, protected by the fact that we are owned by a Batak chief. Others better don't try to encroach on the forests for the purpose of leaving with Tongkat Ali roots.

Apart from being allowed to get Tongkat Ali trees, we of Sumatra Pasak Bumi also have access to elders who have decades of experience using the plant for medicinal purposes. We know about the usage of various parts of Tongkat Ali, and we have been taught to ferment roots and leaves to make their effects more immediate and stronger.

What to expect from the fermented 1:200 extract? Mentally, it makes a user feel alert and energetic ... common effects of raised testosterone. Tongkat Ali also stimulates the levator ani muscle, and the muscles of the pelvic floor in general. Thus, one may feel an urge to perform squeezes like those prescribed for Kegel exercises. This in turn may cause pleasant sensations along the spinal cord. At sufficient dosages, there will be testosterone-driven sexual agitation. At such dosages, there may be an increased desire for yawning, accompanied by erectile ease. While these effects may be more or less pronounced, depending on the user, we have to point out that despite these effects, one does not feel drugged, or as if one would have "taken something". Tongkat Ali feels natural, and there also won't be headaches of the sildenafil-type, and no mental fog as it is typical for dopaminergics like apomorphine.

Talking about dosages. First-day dosage should just be one capsule, to make sure there is no allergic reaction (very unlikely indeed). The dosage on the second day could be three capsules, preferably in the morning. Standard dosages would be 2 to 6 capsules, up to three times a day.

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