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Tongkat ali and the necessity of testosterone control

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

The world has a testosterone problem, but the problem is not declining testosterone levels of aging men, ameliorated by tongkat ali. The problem is uncontrolled testosterone in young males.

Tongkat ali is not for young males. Tongkat ali, and a tongkat ali stack, is for mature men with reduced libido. We are glad if we can be of help.

Adult or mature men usually have a strong sense of responsibility. They often are the head of a family, and good husbands and intuitive lovers.

These are qualities that young males (boys, youth, adolescents, young adults) usually do not possess.

Nowadays in many parts of the world, male youth are an unruly lot.

It used to be, in Europe up until about 100 years ago, that male youth were heavily disciplined. In some parts of the world, like rich Arabic gulf countries, male youth are still heavily controlled. But in much of the world, especially the Western world, it feels as if male youth have been unleashed.

In some countries of Central America, youth gangs terrorize whole cities. And in practically all of Latin America, youth gangs are a power to reckon with on the streets and in non-gated neighborhoods. .

While drug gangs may be less of a problem in India (because drugs are easily available, so there isn't much money in the trade) cliques of adolescent males prowl streets looking for gang rape opportunities.

The underlying problem is the same. Too much testosterone, too much relationships desire in young males, and no approriate outlets.

While in Europe and North America, it is deemed appropriate that females of about the same age are sexually available to young males, this isn't the rule for 80 percent of mankind... those living in Asia, Africa, and South America. If would be considered foolish for 16-year-old girls to have relationships with 16-year-old boys, or even for 19-year-old females with 19-year old males (they aren't men yet). No future in such relationships. The common perception is: let a man be 10 years older, then he has a sense of responsibility, and probably can handle a relationship.

So, what to do with all that excess male sexuality. Disciplining it, would be the classical approach. Even with corporal punishment.

But disciplining is out of fashion, to say the least.

Here at Sumatra Pasak Bumi (tongkatali.org) our approach is herbal. We can increase testosterone with tongkat ali, butea superba, fenugreek, and mucuna pruriens (velvet beans), and we can reduce testosterone with licorice, red glover, soy foods, and mint.

Useless testosterone in young males is a pest. It is responsible for almost 100 percent of all rapes, more than 90 percent of all violence against women, and more than 80 percent of all murders.

We sincerely appeal to all mothers: if you are preparing meals for your sons, do them a favor: dish up soy-based meals, and spice with licorice more than anything else, to reduce their high testosterone levels. And serve water in containers and cups made of bisphenol A. Because at least temporarily, those high testosterone levels have to come down.

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