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(More than 500 articles about tongkat ali and better physical relationships in general)

Tongkatali.org's The other way around in Japan

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

In Japan, independent young women are more likely than women anywhere in the world to consider purely relationships qualities when making a partner choice. Black men, especially black Americans, but also Americans in general, are considered attractive not least because it is expected that their primary relationships organs are large size. When fellow Japanese see a young Japanese women with an American man, their first thought often is that the young Japanese woman keeps her foreign boyfriend for reasons of relationships appetite.

The Asian more-direct approach to matters of relationships also means that it is considered a fact of life that rich woman have young lovers, and keep them happy by providing financial support. It has long been known among young male travelers in Asia that when you are almost broke, you head for Tokyo, apply for a job as English teacher, and get yourself a rich local girlfriend.

Asians in general don't have as low an opinion on paying for relationships as do Americans and Europeans, which is why (or was it "because"), so it has been claimed, for-pay relationships services are of a much better quality in Asia than in the West. How about the following twist, reported by TIME magazine in its January 21, 2002, issue?

"Male-host bars … have been on the fringe of Japan's colorful nightlife for decades, catering to aged sugar mamas and scrawny scroungers with hair gel and overlaundered black suits. Kiss those days sayonara. Japan's host clubs have gone mainstream-without getting overly squeaky clean. The newly burnished male host-sans gold teeth and creepy leer-is Japan's latest celebrity. Hosts are appearing on TV talk shows and publishing memoirs, how-to guides and even business books… There are hundreds of such clubs in areas like Tokyo's Kabuki-cho and they vie for business via cell phones and the Internet… For the customers, Japan's trend-conscious young women, a night at a host bar is part thrill, part danger. The thrill, of course, is somewhat relationships: the guys are attentive, hunky and dangle the possibility they might be available after the clubs close. The danger is financial: after entrance fees, host commissions and nosebleed-priced drinks, a customer can rack up a $10,000 bill in a single night."

Please note: these male-host bars are no longer just frequented by sugar mamas but, according to TIME, by "Japan's trend-conscious young women".

The following has been submitted by a reader:

Tokyo, Japan. Let me start of by mentioning that I'm 32 and have never had so much MINDBLOWING relationships in all my life. I've bedded girls/women (actually they're all both if you know what I mean...) from 18 to 42. Most girls I GET are late teens / early twenties. To [quote] a friend of mine: "You'd have to have pus dripping out your eyes not to get laid here."

You see, the thing is, they equate foreigners with the images they see in magazines / movies. I'm average looking but I often get told I look like Beckam (who they are obsessed with over here), or some movie star. AND these girls don't give a shit about age differences. He He. Besides, they can't tell the difference between 21 and 31 anyway.


1. be white or black.
2. don't learn any more than very basic Japanese. A Japanese-speaking foreigner is almost a turn-off. For the kind of girls we want, anyway. He He. Good news, eh!
3. Stand at the bar !!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding. These girls go out to meet a foreigner and will come up to you. Now if you are DON'T tell them you're an English teacher. BORING. Make something up, preferably something [that has] to do with the fashion industry.
4. Small talk and COMPLIMENTS. Then after it's going well tell them it's too noisy in here, shall we go somewhere quiet? If this gets a no, don't worry; this is a very big sea.

OTHER WAYS... not in bars: "be" lost. This has worked for me SOO many times. Choose one you like, go up to her and in a completely detached but polite way ask for somewhere you can see the way she's going. 9 times out of 10 they'll offer to take you.

I forgot to mention. BRING A BUSINESS CARD. Creative writing time! Even if you don't get her to a cafe right then, give her a card. If you're game ask her to write her number on one.

Same thing on trains too...

The numbers are here so play them.

I aim to hit on 5/6 girls a day but have never made it past 2 or 3. No need!


First time I came here, it was as a tourist, and boy, did that work in my advantage. By telling them you're only here for xtime, you become just that little bit elusive.

THREESOMES ? Just ask. If you don't ask you don't get. Usually if you ask you get here. God bless them.

SEX is basically their only outlet. And they are amazing at it. Forget Thailand, you can do better here for free. Coming in their mouth is par for course and it's like they all went to bow/head job school. Mind blowing.


THIS IS FANTASY ISLAND. What are you doing where you are?

There's even a site called gaijinpot.com with a section on, and I quote, "how to pick up Japanese girls" with tips / Japanese pick-up lines!

This place is TOTALLY set up for the single male. TOTALLY.

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