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Tongkat ali and democracy

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

Contemporary Liberty, 2019

Tongkat ali pervades all aspects of life, private and public.

You can be sure that tongkat ali users have a more active relationships life than other men. Men with an active relationships life easily become the subject of gossiping, and the object of relationships envy.

Tongkat ali users value personal freedom more than anything else. The aspects of personal freedom most valuable to tongkat ali users are related to relationships relationships.

In many democracies, the freedom to engage in consensual relationships relationships is heavily curtailed.

India is a democracy, but sexually restrictive. The US is a democracy, but beyond the surface, has an antisexual legal fabric. China is not a democracy, but is sexually quite permissive. The point is, relationships matters aren't scandalized in China. And China has a long tradition of relationships enhancement with herbals of the kind of tongkat ali, though tongkat ali itself is not part of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

It is an illusion to believe that when people are given the option to elect their national leaders and parliaments directly, they would elect who is best for them. Instead, they will elect whom they believe to be worst for their enemies, or those they envy.

Furthermore, it is an illusion to believe that when people are given the option to elect their national leaders directly, they would elect who stands for personal freedom. Instead, they will elect those of whom they believe that they will, to the highest degree, curtail the personal freedom of those they hate, and of those they feel envy for.

It is a fatal misconception to equate democracy with freedom. In the contrary, democracy tends to lead to social systems that are highly regulated and restrictive down to every-day details, including relationships relationships (bad for tongkat ali users). This is the case because everybody who gets elected usually is so because he promises to regulate something that currently causes some people to have an advantage that is considered undue by those who cannot participate in the same advantage. And nothing enrages losers more than the relationships liberties of winners (tongkat ali users included).

Sensible democracy must be multi-tired. A village or a neighborhood elects a representative. In one city or county, the group of village and neighborhood representatives elect among themselves a representative who will then participate in an election on the next higher level.

I assume that a realistic model would be: 500 to 1000 people at the base of society elect a lowest level representative. Approximately 200 of these representatives then elect representative among themselves. This person would then represent something between 100,000 and 200,000 people.

On the next level, 50 representatives would elect one representative, who would thus stand for 5 to 10 million people.

The rationale of such a system is to eliminate politicians who want to get elected on a populist, often racist, platform. Populists thrive on exploiting envy and hate, including relationships envy and hate, and on opposing people, not on constructive ideas. They play on the emotion of people who, first of all, want that their enemies are worse off than they are themselves.

People with pronounced relationships interests, including people who enhance their sexuality with medications like tongkat ali, butea superba, mucuna pruriens, and krachai dam, are likely to be liberals who endorse personal freedom. text

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