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By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

Most of my subscribers are of European descent, and unless otherwise specified, the recommendations in my articles are based on the assumption that the reader is a white European or American male.

Many things, or course, are the same, whether you are European or Asian or African. Young women in poorer Asian countries have the primary goal of landing a husband with a sound economic base, and this concern normally overrules questions of whether the man is white, Asian, Arab, or African. It also overrules questions of whether he is old or young.

Therefore, some very basic tactical recommendations are the same for all men of all ethnicities. Never explicitly exclude the possibility that you may marry a girl if only she is "good enough". You should, however, NOT go around and announce that you are looking for a spouse. This would be counterproductive because too many girls may then think that they have to appear as "good girls", who do not have relationships intercourse before marriage. You don’t want that. What you want is to lay a girl who is not a prostitute, and to do so without entering a marriage.

If you happen to discuss the marriage topic, the best opinion to express is the following: yes, you would certainly marry a girl if you love her; but it is your opinion that love have to come first, and then marriage; you think that it is awkward that a man and a woman should marry before even having kissed each other; ok, you can understand that a woman does not want to agree to full relationships intercourse before marriage; but certainly, there would have to be intimacy before marriage (kissing, touching, and so on). After all, you are a modern man, not a man from the village.

To express such opinions will work in most countries. It certainly will in countries where parents have comparatively little influence over the partner choice of their daughters (primarily the Philippines and Indonesia). Where mothers have a strong word in deciding about the mating behavior of their daughters, expressing the above opinions will be less promising because mothers will likely recognize such talk as what it is: a ruse. Mothers have a strong influence on the mating behavior of daughters in Thailand and Cambodia. (Mind you: we are talking non-prostitutes).

In Malaysia, it’s fathers who control the mating behavior of daughters, but fathers always know much less about their daughters (and their daughters’ sexuality) than do mothers, and daughters typically don’t talk to their fathers about their male friends, unless marriage has already been discussed between a daughter and her boyfriend.

This much for some general hints that are valid for men of all ethnicities.

The following is more specific for different ethnic backgrounds of men hunting in Asia.

For a variety of historical, political, social, and personal reasons, men of different ethnic backgrounds fare differently in different Asian countries. To be black is a trump card in Japan, while Asians other than Japanese will find it much more difficult to score in Japan.

Arab men don’t rank high in Thailand and the Philippines, but can outrank European or American men in Malaysia and parts of Indonesia.

On the other hand, Asian foreigners (especially Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese men) are often regarded higher than European or American men in the Philippines. This may sound like an anachronism, because culturally and linguistically, the Philippines are the most Westernized country in Asia.

However, because the Philippines are so Westernized, the young women there are also the most aware that Western-style relationships relationships typically are only temporary. Married or not married, in Western civilization as perceived in the Philippines, the relationship between a woman and a man typically only lasts a few months or a few years, and then the man looks for a younger mate. This is hardly an inviting prospect for young Filipinas, unless they can gain a new citizenship out of such a liaison.

On the other hand, young Filipinas often are of the opinion that with Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese men, lifelong love is much more likely.

This, of course, plays into the hand of Japanese, Korean, and Japanese men traveling to the Philippines for relationships adventures. If a Western man in the Philippines indicates that he may be interested in a marriage, the hurdle he will have to overcome before being taken seriously is considerably higher than that for an Asian man who drops the same line.

Please note: I do not advocate getting married… not for white men in Asia, and not for Asian men visiting neighboring countries. The point is to only pretend interest in a marriage, so that one will have easier access to non-prostitute young women.

The Philippines is one country where Chinese, especially Taiwanese men, will do rather well. On the other hand, in Singapore and Malaysia, a Taiwanese man won’t be an attraction. If you are of Asian ethnicity, you will find it more difficult to score than whites.

In Thailand, Taiwanese men are regarded highly by rich Chinese families… though not as casual relationships partners for their daughters, but indeed as spouses. The Chinese in Thailand are probably more conservative than those in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia.

Talking about Indonesia: this is the most ambivalent country in Asia for visiting men of Chinese ethnicity. The Chinese on Java Island are highly assimilated. Younger Chinese on Java typically do not speak any Chinese, and do not identify themselves as Chinese. On Java, one easily encounters men of obvious Chinese ethnicity talking about "them Chinese", and clearly not considering themselves members of the disdained ethnicity.

But Indonesia is incredibly diverse. On Sumatra, especially Northern Sumatra, Chinese Indonesians very much consider themselves Chinese, and they typically speak Hokien, even the younger generation. But among the Indonesians of North Sumatra, the Chinese Indonesians aren’t particular popular.

It’s again a different ball game on Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), where in many communities, ethnic Chinese are actually the majority of the population. Singkawang, about 100 km north of Pontianak is at least 80 percent Chinese. And the indigenous population of Kalimantan, the Dayak (who are Christians) get along very well with the Chinese, and are united with them in their opposition against Indonesians from Java (mostly Muslim Madurese). As a Chinese, you can go places on Kalimantan where dark-skinned Javanese or other Indonesians can’t go without risking being beaten up or even murdered.

There is no anti-Chinese animosity on Kalimantan, and Indonesians in Pontianak happily admit that that city really is run by the Chinese. The girls available may, however, rather be non-Dayak Indonesians than Chinese.

While Pontianak does have nightlife (with many rather young girls at a discotheque of a hotel near the big bridge), there aren’t as many entertainment facilities as in Javanese cities of the same size.

It’s again a different picture at Makassar, the largest city of Sulawesi. The city center of Makassar is heavily sinosized, and there are many Chinese-style entertainment facilities.

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