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Tongkatali.org's Dismembering the value of life

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

Feedback by a reader:

Now that I have read more, I cannot help but notice with distaste your proclivity for dismembering the value of life and the joys of life. Kirkeggard was a virgin when he died (or so he claimed.) You make reference to him and have read some of his works, have you not? So was he a sheep or a waste of space? Evidently not.

Might I suggest that your "sphere of influence" is a tad too narrow, and as such, you lose? I've read the works of all of the authors that you have cited, but they are the diving board of the swimming pool. Amateur, immature, and cheap are words that I hate to use on the thoughts of an obviously thoughtful person. Nevertheless, I must adhere to my principals of intellectual honesty. The Marquis de Sade indeed! His intellectual contribution is noted, I have read everything that he ever wrote (or was credited with writing, anyways), and if Justine is honestly the most stimulating thing that you have ever read, than you have not read enough.

I may have been born a mouse on a treadmill, but I CREATE THE TREADMILL, within the bounds of what is possible. I also create most of the boundaries of possibility. That is the most beautiful capability of the human mind. Its limitations are demarcated by my imagination. Do you really think that science, as hypothesized, researched, observed, and concluded by man is not actually constructed by him? Do you honestly believe that the sacred laws of thermodynamics will not change as soon as we decide to change them? Do you think that reality is not invented?

In my view, we live in an infinite universe, and the only scarce resource is imagination. Evolution has NOT ruled out suicide - it happens all the time. Shut up and die if you want to die, it's an easy matter, really. Your theory about suicide is incorrect, to be blunt. Those that genuinely wish to die have no difficulty bringing that event about. Myself, not only am I not built to commit suicide, my friend, I LOVE BEING ALIVE!!! Sure, sure, sure, I love to fuck. I'm driven to it by the almighty orgasm. The truth is, there is a mental orgasm at least as strong as the one provided by the rubbing of mucous membranes. This I suspect that you already know on some level, or else why would you write?

Of course we die! That brings poignancy to our lives, and drive to do and to learn while we can. I couldn't care less whether there is an afterlife or I get stuffed by the taxidermist - those considerations are irrelevant to the opportunity I have now.

Has it occurred to you that "a sense of potential defeat, a sense of threat, and a measure of provocation" in the relationships sense in which you apply it, might be boring? Oh, no, what then? Well, now, we could simply "educate our women to have a positive attitude towards unfaithfulness" in order to play emotional games with ourselves. But, oops, on the other hand, that might well be identified as mental masturbation.

You write about trying to overcome nature (the enemy). Though it may be the enemy of our personal ego trips, what makes us so important? Instead of fighting, suppose that we realize, appreciate, and assist nature and help it along, instead of rebelling so pointlessly?

Well now, that's a lot to digest, so I shall desist.



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