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Tongkatali.org's Kreutz Ideology and political systems

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

Political systems are important, and in order to be comprehensive, Kreutz Ideology discusses political systems.

Kreutz Ideology is about personal freedom.

Strong government usually interferes with personal freedom. Therefore, Kreutz Ideology normally advocates weak government, and the reduction of states to the functions of night-watchmen.

Weak government that respects personal freedom is probably most likely, but not necessarily, achieved by structured representation of citizens in governing institutions. Villages and neighborhoods elect representatives for city or county councils. City or county councils elect representatives for district councils. District councils elect representatives for provincial councils. Provincial councils elect representatives for national parliaments.

On any level, councils elect executive and judicial officials. The aim is to avoid that top-level institutions are strong.

But while Kreutz Ideology points out the potential benefits of structured representation, a political system is not per se the highest-ranking concern of Kreutz Ideology on a social level.

The highest ranking concern is personal freedom.

The highest degree of personal freedom may be found in a country with structured representation as outlined above, or in a military dictatorship, or a monarchy, or in a failed state, or in a direct-vote democracy. Conditions depend on so many factors that they are hard to predict and vary from place to place, and time to time.

Kreutz Ideology doesn’t favor certain political systems as a matter of principle, and Kreutz Ideology doesn’t oppose certain political systems as a matter of principle.

But as a matter of principle, Kreutz Ideology is about personal freedom.

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