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On our English pages, you often see the word "sexual". This is just sanitized language. On our English pages, "sexual" refers to what couples, when not sleeping, do in bed. Or, if so inclined, on the kitchen table.

English is a rather hypocritical language. Many words for natural bodily functions and processes have dirty connotations, and polite speakers like us have to go to considerable length to communicate meanings without naming them. But we nevertheless hope you get the point.

Tongkatali.org's The origin of motivation, and ideology

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

From the perspective of self-replicating molecules (RNA and DNA), a healthy, sexually motivated organism is an optimal EXTERNAL environment. An organism is NOT an internal system from the perspective of genes.

Life originated from accumulations of large molecules (ribonucleic acids) that reacted in chain processes to result in more of its kind. This self-replication of RNA, even of artificially created RNA, has been proven in laboratory experiments. However, basic self-organization and self-replication of ribonucleic acids is extremely time-consuming and does not reach far under lab conditions.

In the history of the earth, the chemical chain reaction of self-replication occurred at a higher frequency under favorable conditions. Favorable conditions initially were accidental.

Accidentally, too, but already along the principles of natural selection, some of these molecular accumulations not only thrived under favorable conditions, but influenced external conditions so that they would become more favorable for their self-replication. In practice, ribonucleic acid enzymes (ribozymes) catalyzed the self-replication of certain RNA molecules in favorable environments.

All forms of life, including our own, are just favorable EXTERNAL conditions for the self-replication of RNA and its slightly modified form, DNA.

Life didn’t just happen out of nothing. It’s a logical consequence of chemistry, under favorable conditions, but nevertheless just a result of chemical reactions.

It is a matter of subjective interpretation where in the course of ever more elaborately modified external conditions, one wants to set the origin of life, as anyway, the increasing complexity of these molecular accumulations is more or less linear on the time axis.

Favorable conditions, and the active interference of self-replicating molecules with their immediate surroundings to make these surroundings more favorable to their replication by enzymatic action, is very much at the bases of life. The strategy has been successful on earth, which is why we have a diverse biosphere all around the globe.

There are several terms to describe an optimal condition of this immediate external environment of self-replicating molecules which is organized as an organism. It can be called “health”, or, more technically, “homeostasis”.

Organisms display multiple functions to ensure that they are in an optimal condition for self-replicating molecules. At the root of all these functions is motivation. Without motivation, the function of an organism (the immediate external environment of self-replicating molecules) cannot be organized.

This is why even the most primitive organisms, for example Ceanorhabditis elegans, have strong motivation. Caenorhabditis elegans is nematode, a roundworm, of just about 1000 cells, of which about 300 are a nervous system. Caenorhabditis elegans shows a strong sex drive and it even risks annihilation to pursue sexual reproduction. If females (which in the absence of males can be hermaphrodites) are at a food source, males stay there. If no females are at a food source, males crawl wandering around.

It is not that organisms have various drives such as seeking nutrition, avoiding danger and escaping negative stimuli, as well as seeking reproduction. Organisms really only have one purpose, only one drive, only one motivation: reproduction. All other so-called drives are just logistical measures to make reproduction happen. Organisms avoid annihilation so that the one driving force behind any organism, self-replicating molecules, have an easier time to self-replicate.

The drive for favorable conditions for the self-replication of RNA and DNA is the most basic axiom of life. Everything else is just building on it.

Why do human beings, and other animals, have senses? To detect disturbances to the immediate environment of self-replicating molecules.

And why can animals move? To escape unfavorable conditions for the self-replication of RNA and DNA, and to go to more favorable ones.

And why do humans have feelings and emotions? For the same reason for which they have senses.

And the same goes for memory, language, and all cognitive functions. It even goes for ideologies, including the Kreutzian ideology you are reading about on this site. Its success rate depends on the extent to which it supports the self-replication of self-replicating molecules. And I guess it does a good job at that, which proves its biological truth.

The organizing principle of all nervous system functions, and their anatomies, is motivation to assure favorable conditions for the self-replication of RNA and DNA. With no motivation, all other brain functions are not just useless. With no motivation, other brain functions wouldn’t be there in the first place.

Sex drive isn’t a diffuse desire but rooted in mechanisms by which self-replicating molecules influence their surrounding to make conditions more suitable to self-replication. Thus, libido can be broken down into a multitude of influences of RNA, and its slight modification, DNA, on their environment to facilitate this self-replication. Evolution never functioned to achieve self-preservation, only self-replication. And this cause is evident in all forms of life, and its behavioral expression, up to the level of interaction in human society, and philosophy.

What appears to be a drive towards self-preservation and behavior directed to avoid annihilation is but a logistical organization for self-replication. That is why the males of black widow spiders risk ending up as meal, and why young men take the risk of death at a high probability for a chance to become sexually desirable heroes.

Tongkatali.org - Tongkat ali strength and mildness

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

This is an issue that needs clarification.

Strength refers to efficacy.

Mildness is about ingestability.

We use 50 grams of tongkat ali to produce 1 gram of 1:50 extract.

Theoretically, you could swallow 50 grams of root powder in water. The efficacy would be the same as 1 gram of 1:50 extract.

The 50 grams of root powder will be harsh on your digestive tract. Humans are not termites. We cannot digest wood.

Hard to say what health issues may result from ingesting several hundred grams of hard root wood everyday.

Anyway, a person ingesting tongkat ali is not after root wood fiber, but after quassinoids and related chemical constituents in tongkat ali root. There are many different quassinoids in tongkat ali. They are water soluble and heat resistant.

This is a property quassinoids have in common with many chemical substances in the human food chain. Caffeine in coffee and tea are also water soluble and heat resistant. The caffeine doesn’t get lost even if you cook your tea for two hours.

There are many chemical substances in tea. And even of a plant as commonly consumed around the world as tea, not every chemical constituent has been fully researched. For tongkat ali, the knowledge is scant.

Let’s say you want to produce an instant tea like Nestlé does. An instant tea is an extract of tea leaves that comes as a powder that can be dissolved in water (we produce with technologies that have made Nestlé famous) .

You surely have heard of people with digestive issues from tea. You can try it on yourself, too.

Try to brew 2 grams of tea leaves for 3 minutes. You will get most of the caffeine. You most probably won’t have digestive issues drinking it. But you possibly would from eating 2 grams of tea leaves, just as you would from 50 grams of tongkat ali root powder.

Now try to brew the same quantity of tea leaves for 30 minutes. The tea will be darker. There will be many tannins and other dissolved chemical constituents. And that kind of brew will cause heartburn and other irritations for many people.

Now try to use 20 grams of the same tea, and brew it for 3 minutes. You will get 4 times as much caffeine, so this brew is stronger.

At the same time, this brew, in spite of being stronger, is also milder on the digestive tract.

The same would be the case if you dry the two brews. 50 milligrams of powder resulting from 8 grams of tea will be stronger, and at the same time milder, than 50 milligrams obtained from 2 grams of tea.

So here you have an example of an extract that is stronger and milder at the same time.

Our 1:50 extract is like a long-brewed tea. Some people find it harsh on the digestive tract. If 8 grams of 1:50 extract per day is no problem for you, go for that.

Our 1:200 extract is further reduced at a ratio of 1:4. Some of the ingredients that may cause digestive issues with 1:50 are not present. So, ingesting 2 grams of 1:200 is milder than 8 grams of 1:50.

There is nothing in 2 grams of 1:200 that would not also be in 8 grams of 1:50. But of course, 2 grams of 1:200 have more key ingredients than 2 grams of 1:50.

Tongkatali.org's integrated male sexual success

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

Tongkatali.org provides an integrated service for male success, with a focus on East and Southeast Asia. Male success has a lot to do with male sexual success. Tongkatali.org sells sexuality-enhancing herbals with a proven scientific track record. This is our core operation.

But apart from that, Tongkatali.org is dedicated to the sexual success of our customers on a much wider scope.

Tongkatali.org, for example, offers consultation to customers on dental work and cosmetic surgery in Southeast Asia. This service is free for our customers, and can save them a lot of money and protect them from some bad experiences as well.

We often refer to our customers as members. For more than a decade, we have run formal memberships via sergekreutz.com. There were sexual function memberships and sexual opportunities memberships, both priced separately at 250 US dollars each. We have discontinued these, because there simply are too many phony consultation services around which use the same language.

As it stands now, anything related to information is free for members of Tongkatali.org (membership is automatic for those with an order history of 1000 US dollars or more for tangible items, mostly sexuality-enhancing herbals.

Some men are in lifelong exclusive sexual sexual. We respect and congratulate customers to whom this applies.

Most men are not made of such timber. Most men, and a large number of our members, have a profound interest in sexual variety.

For these men, if they are Westerners, East Asia has a lot to offer. Not only is the East Asian approach to physical sexual much more down-to-earth and open to negotiations. The age of men is also of much less relevance, if of any.

Tongkatali.org and Serge Kreutz started out in the early 1980s (around 40 years ago!) with travel guides on Southeast Asia. Unlike standard travel guides, these travel guides already did cover physical sexual. Travel guides nowadays never touch this topic.

Little has changed in Asia in 40 years. Of course, there are better roads, and now there is Internet. And immigration has become more complicated. But the mentality of the people up-country has changed amazingly little.

For members, Tongkatali.org provides free lifestyle advice, tailored for Western men considering moving to East Asia to achieve better physical sexual.

There is more. Tongkatali.org also trades domain names, and our members can rent unique motorhomes designed for Southeast Asian weather and infrastructure. These motorhomes are suited for couples or families going for extended holidays in Southeast Asia, and also for unattached men roaming isolated areas for physical adventures. Mind you: in Asia, the further away you get from modern, urban centers, the better your sexual will be.

Talk to us.!

Tongkatali.org's Problems with the female orgasm

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

This is a problem mostly for men in Western societies who cannot bring their female partners to a climax. It’s not a problem for women, especially not in traditional societies. Girls find this out by themselves, just as boys do. But girls and women in most societies kniw better than to discuss this with anybody, as female sexual market value typucally depends on knowing as little as possible about sexual.

On the other hand, in Western societies, knowledge about the female orgasm raises the sexual market value of men. To start with, men have to be aware of the fact that the female orgasm is more complex, and more complicated, than the male orgasm.

For many men,especially younger men,orgasms are a simple, and in some cases even a primitive, affair. Give them a female body to play with, and they will ejaculate. A new body to play with often works better than one that the man already is familiar with.

There are no complicated requirements that can be categorized as love.

Many men don’t even understand that for most women, love is coupled to their sexual experience. These men think that women put request a love relationship before they grant a man, and themselves, access to sexual enjoyment, as a kind of pay-off (show your commitment and I let you have it).

But for most women, love is part of the sexual excitement, not something the request parallel to it.

I believe that I have a fairly good understanding of the female pattern of sexual arousal because I am one of those men to which it also applies.

I have never had much interest in casual sexual: sexual with women I have just met, or with women who are not attractive enough so that I could imagine them as a steady girlfriend. And most definitely, I have never had any sexual interest in prostitutes.

On the other hand, I (like many women but rather few men) am susceptible to the sexual thrill of just holding hands and whispering “I love you”, or, even better, “I love you forever”. It doesn’t matter that, rationally’, I know that it won’t be. But at the moment, such sentences are uttered, they can, for me, as for many women, have a high sexual arousal value.

Men who fail to bring their female partners to an orgasm usually have a too narrow idea of orgasm. They may see it too specifically as a plainly physical event, and often underestimate psychological preparatory components.

This does not mean that there wouldn’t be necessary physical components (larger organs are usually better than smaller ones), and some love-making techniques that are better than others. However, large male genitals and a fine technique, combined with good stamina, are often not enough for the optimale female sexual experience. Some psychological, often romantic, component often is also required.

The following aspects are important:

1. The best love-making techniques for the male partner (for the purpose of bringing his female partner to a climax).

2. The best love-making behavior for women who have in mind primarily their own orgasm.

3. Measures a man can undertake to improve his capability of bringing his female partner to an orgasm.

4. Pharmacological intervention to lower a woman’s orgasmic threshold.

5. Psychological instruments that improve a woman’s orgasmic potential in specific situations.

Which of the above is best appplicable depends on the woman, and on the mistakes men are making, and on the specific case.

Just one thing is certain: if both do it right, every woman can experience genuine orgasms during love-making with a man.

Aphrodisiac evaluation in non-copulator male rats after chronic administration of Eurycoma longifolia Jack

H. H. Ang T. H. Ngai (First published: 07 July 2008)


The aphrodisiac effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (0.5 g/kg) was evaluated in noncopulator male rats using an electrical cage. Fractions of E. longifolia Jack decreased the hesitation time of noncopulator male rats, throughout the investigation period. Furthermore, it possessed a transient increase in the percentage of the male rats responding to the right choice, more than 50% of the male rats scored ‘right choice’ after 3 weeks post‐treatment and the effect became more prominent after 8 weeks post‐treatment (only 40–50% of the control male rats responded to the right choice) using the electrical copulation cage. Hence, this study lends further support to the use of the plant by indigenous populations as a traditional medicine for it’s aphrodisiac property.


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