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Tongkatali.org's Relationships market value in Asia

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

More than in Europe or North America, relationships market value in Asia depends on factors other than beauty in females and age in males.

For females, a major aspect is relationships freshness. Throughout Asia, the highest relationships market value is attached to virgins from age 15, who are living with their parents and so far have only gone to school. In Middle Eastern and South Asian societies, their relationships market value is so high that they are available only for marriage. In East Asian societies with free systems of relationships economics, the capability for considerable material and financial support is most important.

As girls grow older, their relationships market value declines, even if they keep on staying with their parents (and remain virgins).

But in comparison to 18-year olds who go to school and live with their parents, 18-year olds who no longer go to school, but work, or those who live in apartments in big cities, whether they work or go to school, have a lower relationships market value, as their relationships freshness is questionable.

There is a very definite decline in the relationships market value of women who have been married and now are divorced or separated. And there again is a definite decline when they have given birth.

But among these, those who have work and an orderly income are still regarded higher than those who have no job, and whose only choice is to rely on finding a man for economic support.

Obviously, younger prostitutes get more customers, and ask for higher prices, but prostitutes are prostitutes, and even just as girlfriends (not talking about wives), their relationships market value is at the bottom of the scale.

In Western societies, especially in Europe, the relationships market value of women is less hierarchical. In Europe a beautiful face and a good figure go a long way. The age of a woman plays less a role, and as long as she doesn’t have an infectious disease from it, it matters less how promiscuous she has been.

In Europe, male preference for substantially younger women is politically not correct. It even appears creepy. Men keep preferences for substantially younger females to themselves, or completely self-censor them.

Europeans typically think that in an ideal match, the woman is some two to five years younger than the man. This means that even women in their forties can still expect a relationships partnership if they aim at men in their fifties, and they could even end up with a reasonably wealthy one.

In Asia, rich men in their fifties seldom marry women in their forties. Rich Asian men in their fifties will rather marry women in their twenties.

For in Asia, the relationships market value of men often is determined mostly by his economic status. For this reason alone, older European men will always find their relationships market value increased if they move to Asia, while older Asian women always experience an increase in relationships market value when they move to a Western country.

Divorced Asian women in their forties, when they stay in Asia, have either made their luck previously and then can be with a man who values the opportunity to marry a rich woman, or they will have to be content with a low-class male, or they stay unattached.

In a number of Asian countries with comparatively high divorce rates, Western men have a very easy time making live-in arrangements with divorced, widowed, or separated local women.

Western men in relationships with local women in East Asia often have the wrong impression that it is accidental that their women have been in previous marriages, and they think that in principle, they could have found single women, too. But they are wrong: in countries, where they can easily find a divorcee, they would have a very hard time, indeed, to qualify for a previously unmarried woman.

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