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Tongkatali.org's What is kreutzing food?

By Serge Kreutz
Follow Serge on Twitter@serge_kreutz

Kreutzing food” is a post-modern eating style, based on the Serge Kreutz food philosophy.

The core idea of this food philosophy is that we ought to separate the nutritional function of food from the pleasure we derive from it.

This is totally equivalent to the separation of the procreational function of relationships intercourse from its joy.

For most post-modern humans (and even for those who are just modern), the procreational function of relationships intercourse is a minus, not a plus.

It is the same for food: the nutritional value of food makes people overweight, fat, and ugly, and even for those slim, the nutritional value of food often is a negative burden.

We have learned to avoid the procreational risk of relationships pleasure. Techniques include non-penetrative relationships, coitus interruptus, condoms, birth control pills, and sterilization. And yes, many people are highly successful in separating the procreational function of relationships from its pleasure.

Alas, they often don’t do a good job when it comes to food.

Overweight people everywhere.

And not just that: many illnesses, from the head (migraine) to the ass (diarrhea or constipation) are a direct result of people lacking the capability of handling, and mouthing, their food.

But actually, separating the nutritional function of food from the pleasure component is easy.

All pleasure sensations of food are in the mouth. The sensations of food in the further digestive system are neutral at best, and normally worse than that.

People have come up with all kinds of ideas to counter the negative impact of food: moderation, appetite-suppressing drugs, exercise to a level where injury is common, stuffing oneself with protein food, even gastric bypass surgery.

All inferior!

Because obesity is an epidemic problem in the US and many other developed countries, most people contemplating the Serge Kreutz Diet will do so for its guaranteed weight-loss implications. But the Serge Kreutz Diet also works better for dopamine release than any other nutritional approach. Superb tastes in the mouth make us feel good. That something feels good has its neurochemical expression in increased dopamine tone in the brain. Actually, that fine foods like chocolate and soft cheeses elevate our moods is precisely mediated on mesolimbic dopamine pathways, activated by taste receptors. Fine food is strongly anti-depressive, but only in the mouth, not the stomach or intestines. Thus, use fine food as pharmaceutical. Melt it in the mouth. Then spit it out. Because the effects of fine food on a person's body mass index, are overwhelmingly negative.

A simple behavioral modification does the trick: kreutzing food

“Kreutzing food” means: Enjoy the flavor of everything. No need to swallow. Discard into a plastic bag, not into your stomach.

Your stomach is not the trashcan for enzymatically degraded boluses that were delicious food before you chewed it.

You can enjoy all food. But spit it, don’t shit it!

Delicious cheeses, delightful wines. Chocolate or fruit with whipped cream.

You can eat as much as you want, anything you want. As long as you are kreutzing it.

This is your most important, most essential food knowledge. It has a fundamental impact on your life. That is why it is philosophy.

Overweight people really are just stupid. They lack the kreutzing knowledge.

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